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Gallery Folder Guide

Unsure where to submit too? Look no more, each folder and it's description are as follows~

*We will display six pieces a week in the featured folder that we feel deserve it.
*You cannot submit to this folder yourselves! Only admins can choose which pieces to display.
Original Characters
*The folder for original characters! Simple c:
*The characters can either be yours or a friends, just so long as there is no stealing going on.
*For fanart of Canon pairings. (Pairings that are 'official' with their respective universe)
*Examples include; Starfighter; Kain & Abel - Teahouse couples - etc.
* For writing depicting male romance.
*Please note we will not accept writing that is sexually explicit as it is against DA's TOS.
*Anything can go in here, poetry, prose, short stories & multi chapters.
Sketches & WiP's
*WIP's, sketches & sketch dumps go in here
*Quality control is still in effect with this folder. Scribbles of stick
figures is unacceptable for example.
*Warning! This folder may contain content NSFW
*Comic pages go in here c:
*Warning! This folder may contain content NSFW
*Any finished piece that carries a mature warning or full filter goes in here, regardless of whether it is of OC's or canon.



Hello there, ladies and gents~
The group has finally hit 100 members, so I'm happy to announce the Gentlemen's Club's first ever contest!
The challenge here is to create a couple that acts as a mascot for the group. Please adhere to the group's rules, but other than that, let your imaginations run free~
The winner will get a piece of artwork done by the lovely Lightning-Baron (OCs only) and a 3 month sub (or something of this nature) from myself, RetardedBunny c:
The contest will end on January 1st, 2012 at 12:00pm PST. This leaves you plenty of time to get in those submissions~
I look forward to seeing all the beautiful artwork<3

More Journal Entries




Well good evening, I see you have wandered into our fine establishment. May I take your coat?

Hello and welcome to the Gentlemen's club, a group set up with the intention of collecting and showcasing the finest boyxboy art on DA.
The club is for OC & canon pairings only. So no slash, no shipping, no fan characters..etc.

How do I join?

Simple! Click on the join requests button at the top of the homepage. Join requests are auto approved.

What Can I submit?

Beautiful artwork of your OC's, your friends OC's, canon pairings...anything! So long as it is original. And it's depicting malexmale relationships. But there are a few rules~
:bulletblue: - NO non-consensual acts. ie. rape, act's of a forced nature etc. *Please note, however, powerplay/roleplay depictions are allowed so long as it is stated to be consensual. Rape is not sexy my dears.
:bulletblue: - Please only submit your best work. The submissions will be subject to quality control. We will reject any work that is unfinished, messy, drawn on lined paper etc. and we will also be checking for things such as a fairly good grasp of anatomy, composition, colour theory etc. Please try not to be offended if your picture is rejected! By all means note the group if you would like to ask for feedback and use it to improve.
:bulletblue: - We will only accept work that is 100% your own. This means no tracing, no bases, no copies of pictures, no art that wasn't drawn by you, no re-colours, no coloured lineart that doesn't belong to you etc. We will not tolerate art theft, if we discover you have stolen a picture we will reject it, report you & kick you out of the group. You have been warned.
:bulletblue: - We Do Not accept the following:
*Photo manipulations
*Photo's (Cosplay etc.)
*3D Rendered art**
*Motivational posters.
*'Paper children'
:bulletblue: - Again, NO fancharacters, slash/shipped couples. What does this mean? We will not accept pictures of CloudxSephiroth. We will not accept pictures of LightxYour OC. The characters must be EITHER - entirely yours OR a canon* pairing.
:bulletblue: - No full anthro. This isn't intended to be a furry group. However, animal features are fine. Deer boys with cute lil antlers or guys with demon horns. So long as they are anatomically mostly human.
:bulletblue: - No shota
:bulletblue: - We will not accept styles that are overly 'anime' influenced. - This may seem a bit harsh, but there are enough groups out there that do accept this. We would like the gallery to be full of a range of varying styles...not simply flooded with 'more anime'.
What we mean by 'anime style' is the default 'huge eyes, pointy chins, no noses' style. We will not accept anything in the style of say Pokemon, DBZ, Beyblade etc. The more 'kiddie' styles. Please check our gallery out for a guideline as to what is acceptable and what isn't.
:bulletblue: - Any deviation in violation of DA rules will be rejected & reported

Also, in addition to the above with the exception of the sketches folder, all submitted artwork must be finished to a good standard ie. Coloured (Or shaded if monochrome) & finished. Allowances will be made for people with 'messy' styles...but please don't use 'it's my style' as an excuse to be lazy c:

We will assemble a F.A.Q's when we start getting questions, so keep your eyes peeled.

Please note that any members found to be harassing, offending or otherwise behaving in a most uncouth manor with be thrown out of the group on their arses by our bouncers c: Please respect one another.

* - A pairing instituted by the original body of work, not a default or "obvious" pairing.
** - Unless you have fully rendered the work and designed the wire frame etc.


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MrRackle Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Student General Artist
Anyone here up for RP? I have some OCs looking for love <3
paigerow1995 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013
do you accepts original writing?
Stephie-Wesson Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Stephie-Wesson Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Stephie-Wesson Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Stephie-Wesson Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Hello, before I join could you see if my art is to your liking?
Runawynd Featured By Owner May 12, 2012
Hello! :wave: Sorry to bug you, but I have a quick question... I was trying to submit a few of my literature pieces, but they all expired... Are you still accepting submissions? Thanks!
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Lyzzy-Beth Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i know, join requests are auto accepted, but anyway i'm wanna thank for it! :aww:
The group gallerys are awesome. Only the best artists around. :omfg:
I hardly dare to add one of my pics. :D
raspberryMCMLXXXIV Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
Hello and thanks for accepting me and my work to your gallery! :aww:
How many works a week is a member allowed to submit? Couldn't find that information....
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